About Us


GSegment Space Technologies

GSegment Space Technologies focus on design, development, and research of ground segment software system in space projects; business transformation and application of advanced management approaches and experiences which is used in the development of ground segment software system in international space projects; promote these related domains developing rapidly in china; promote and expand international influence on engineering capability in space project of china.

GSegment core team members have over six years experiences on designing, developing, and managing ground segment software system of space project, are familiar with the project management of ESA, NASA, and CNSA, and have a great relationship with many cooperation members of ESA; GSegment Space Technologies summarizes the successful experience of each different project, develop general ground segment software system platform which is suitable for different domains, different sizes of the projects, while implementing the existing project and also developing new cooperation opportunities of space projects. Thereby reduce the overall cost of space projects’ implement, cut down the length of implement cycle, and increase the opportunity of project success.

As a young high-tech company, the first company in china which focus on development and research of ground segment software system, we look forward to conduct creative win-win cooperation with community, explore the unknown and realize the dreams!


GSegment is the service provider of ground segment software system in space and astronomy, which is a part of Herschel project of ESA , currently we have the following fundamental functions blocks’ ownerships:

  • Product Access Layer
  • Local Store
  • Cache Pool
  • Remote Data Pool
  • Plot

Customers or projects our members have been served:

  • China’s chang’e(lunar exploration project)
  • National astronomical observatories

Our Services

  • Design, development, and consulting service of ground segment software system in areospace
  • Development of customize software
  • Consulting service and field guide of software development process
  • Supporting service of software technical team building