Join Us

Your Features:

  1. Curious, willing to change
  2. Technology enthusiasts
  3. Proficient in Java or Python languages, have agile development experience. Or good at writing technical articles, many writing formal papers (both Chinese and English) experience
  4. Interested in space or astronomy
  5. Able to work independently, but also enjoy the teamwork
  6. Great English, if you know some French or German, it would be better.
  7. If you think you’ve got several features as we described above, welcome to join us. Please send your resume to: Support [at]

Work Characteristics:

  1. Work with the NASA / ESA software engineers
  2. Twice a year to visit top international universities and laboratories
  3. Flexible working hours, at least 3 days a week, if you’re familiar with our work.
  4. Almost sure that your work will directly help a certain future Nobel Prize winners

Try To Solve This Problem:

Write file-based storage Key (integer)-Value (string) data tools,

  1. Complete new entries and key-based retrieval, delete and other basic functions.
  2. Key is an integer, value as string, data entry in the 100-100K,
  3. Thread-safe, multi-thread access
  4. Except JDK class library, don’t use other class library, it is recommended to spend <16 hours to complete (that means do not have to make it too complicated)
  5. Please outline your storage space, performance optimization on the design consideration, it is recommended to provide supporting JUnit test code.
  6. Other deficiencies, please try to make reasonable assumptions, if it must be clarified, please send an e-mail


Software Engineer